Highest quality tags available in the most popular shapes and colors.

All of our CE-1000 engravers are manufactured by us in our North Texas facility.

Wonder what sets VIP apart from the competition?

Be sure to ask these questions before purchasing an engraver.



Do You Have Patented Technology? YES
Do You Offer A Lifetime Warranty? YES
Does The Machine Work Without Tag Holders (Fixtures)? YES
Are Additional And Replacement Tag Holders (Fixtures) Free?  (not used)
Do you have Multiple Fonts? YES
Are Software Upgrades Free? YES
Are Your Tags Bright Dipped? YES
Do You Offer Unlimited Toll Free Customer Service In The U.S.? YES
Do You Offer A Free Logo Software? YES
Can Logos Be Added To The Software At A Later Time?  YES
Are Your Equine Packages, Including Fixtures, Free? YES

Do You Offer Leather ID Collars With An Embedded Plate?



Exclusive VIP Identification Collars available only from VIP are engravable in-store using the CE-1000.

Patented features makes the CE-1000 the most affordable and easy to use system available.



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