As strong as our (or any) ID tags and attachment rings are, anytime tags hang from a collar, there is always a risk that they may get caught on something causing damage or, worse, become lost, virtually eliminating any chance that the lost pet will be reunited with its owner.

Our Exclusive line of ID Collars feature an extremely strong but flexible plate which is permanently embedded in the collar during the manufacturing process (not just riveted to the top) that you customize in-store using the CE-1000.
VIP's exclusive line of collars, available nowhere else, ensure pet identification stays where it's needed when it's needed, providing your customers with the most permanent means of visible pet identification available and allowing them the best chance to be reunited with their missing pets.

Collars are manufactured of high quality leather and feature industrial strength hardware in all of the popular sizes.
Small ID Collars measure 12", 14", 16"  long  x  1/2"wide (3/4" at embedded plate)
Large ID Collars measure 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28" long x 1' wide (1 1/4" wide at embedded plate)








Black Natural

All VIP ID Collars are easily engraved using the CE-1000 without requiring the use of expensive holding fixtures!




Exclusive VIP Identification Collars available only from VIP are engravable in-store using the CE-1000.



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