All VIP Ornaments are easily engraved using the CE-1000 without requiring the use of expensive holding fixtures!


Our Photo Ornaments are Great for Seasonal Decorating and Holiday Gift Giving. 
They are 1/4" CNC Machined Aluminum. Each Ornament is Graphically Bright Dipped Anodized (by hand) with a "Snowflake" Pattern and can be personalized using CE-1000.
The engraver will automatically clamp and identify each ornament, but engrave only in the programmed area beneath the photo cutout. 
Your customer simply attaches their favorite photo to the reverse side of the ornament with the supplied glue dots.

Seasonal Item

Photo Ornaments measure apx. 3" x 3 1/4". 

These ornaments are manufactured using the finest material available and to the highest of quality standards in ISO9002 certified facilities.



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